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10 Feb

Five Ways To Show Love To Your Special Someone

when you’re in a relationship, it’s really important to know and understand the other person’s love language. for Robbie, it’s words of affirmation. for me, it’s gifts. however, i think all five love languages {words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch} are all still very important to incorporate into your relationship. for example, we are both big on quality time together. since we work together and already pretty much spend our entire day together, that means putting away our phones and watching a movie or enjoying a nice dinner without distractions. you can take the love language quiz to find out yours, and this is also a great conversation to have with your significant other! the key to a successful relationship is building communication early on and, understanding how you can best show your love and how you can care for the other person.

with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, i thought i’d share how robbie and i show our love for each other! every relationship is different, but this is what works for us. i’d love to know your best relationship tip down below! we will be celebrating five years of marriage this spring, so while we are no experts, we’ve definitely had ample time to figure this whole marriage thing out. we’ve both learned and grown so much over the course of our relationship! love you forever, @tripp!

keep scrolling to read how we show our love to each other and see our Valentine’s themed photos! xx

1. be selfless 
robbie is the ultimate example of this. he will literally go to the ends of the earth to do anything for me. and i so, so appreciate it! whether it’s making me feel more comfortable, less hangry {haha!}, or constantly taking things off my plate so i’m less stressed, robbie is so good at putting me before himself. this is definitely something i could be better at and am striving to do more of. we always joke that he loves to take care of me and i like to be taken care of haha! in all seriousness, he always seems to know just how to make me feel better or happier, and it means the world to me.

2. put 100% into your relationship
there used to be a saying that a marriage only works if there’s 50% you and 50% your partner. honestly, i don’t believe that at all. i believe you both have to put in 100% to make it work. if there’s any advice i could give about being in a relationship, it’s that it takes work, lots of communications, and constantly trying to make the other person feel loved. now don’t get me wrong, there will be times that one of you will have to give more than the other and vice versa! and that’s just life. but trying your best to give 100% will always lead to a more happy relationship.

3. support the other person’s interests and passions
when i was nervous about starting my own fashion blog years ago, robbie was the push i needed to finally make it happen after years of wishing. he built my first site, took all my photos, and was always just as invested in it as me. i’ve been at the finish line to support him at every single one of his races and i love going to watch his basketball games. he knows i love reading in the bubble bath. i know he needs the space and time to create in his own focused zone. we both want the other person to succeed! it’s so important to grow together in your relationship, but also grow as individuals too. support your partner and let them know you care about what they love and are interested in.

4. talk it out
it may be a cliche, but it’s true: communication is key. i don’t think i really knew how important this was until i realized i wasn’t good at it. communicating in a relationship can solve any problem, i’m convinced of it. i’m not talking about screaming or yelling when you’re mad. i’m talking about letting your partner know that X or Y is bothering you before you let it fester and then snowball into a massive fight that’s been building for weeks or months. checking in with your partner frequently, letting them know how you feel, asking them how they feel, etc. is a really good habit to get into and show that you care. i’d much rather discuss what’s on my mind than get into a fight about it. robbie is really good about having hard conversations, communicating his feelings, and not getting easily irritated or angry. that’s something i have to work really, really hard to do. and that’s okay! no one is perfect in a relationship, but admitting faults and working hard on those key aspects of your relationship is just as important.

5. say “i love you”
it’s so important to show how much you care and let your partner know they’re valued and appreciated. the best way to do this is by actually saying it out loud! make it a habit to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ every single day. so many couples have the attitude of “he/she knows how i feel” so they think they don’t have to say it. sure, acts of service are nice but it’s also important to verbalize it! robbie and i probably say it at least 20 times a day. when i’m working in my office, he’ll pop in just to say i love you. when he’s eating cereal i’ll give him a hug from behind and tell him i love him. and no we aren’t newlyweds anymore! it’s such a good habit to share how you feel and mean it. plus, one day i want our children to frequently hear their parents say their feelings out loud to each other and to them.

red heart midi dress {wearing the size 10}
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photos by Audrey Coons
location: Sugar Bowl