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20 Apr

My Current Makeup + Beauty Products

It’s been a bit since I last updated you on some of my favorite makeup and beauty products {last post here}, so I figured this would be the perfect week since they are discounted on the Sephora sale! Depending on your Sephora Beauty Insider level, you can get 10-20% off with code SPRINGSAVE at checkout! Rouge members get 20% starting last week, VIB members get 15% off starting tomorrow {4/21}, and Insiders members get 10% off starting 4/23. Your level is dependent on how much you spend at Sephora in a year’s period. Anyways, whatever level you’re at, you’re getting some sort of deal, so I wanted to round up my faves if you’re shopping! This sale only happens twice a year and it’s one of Sephora’s best! I’ll link everything that’s in my cart at the very end of this post.

Here’s my current favorite products:

Let’s start with skincare since my list is short! I’ve mostly been using Tula products recently because they are gentle and create an “easy” skincare regiment {you can use my code SASSY for 15% sitewide}, but alas it’s not sold on Sephora. That being said, I have been looking to switch over my skincare to completely clean products since Taz is always touching my face. I’ve been trying out some BeautyCounter and Farmacy products. BC isn’t sold at Sephora either, but I’ve been LOVING Farmacy products! Their Green Clean is such a great clean option for a makeup remover balm and I love that it smells like key lime! I’m also loving their Cheer Up eye cream that’s meant to brighten and has Vitamin C. It’s light and goes on smooth. I recently purchased their Honey Potion hydration mask and WOW! It’s such a good one. Leaves my skin feeling plump and looking fresh. Lastly, I got this Boscia Chia Seed Moisture Cream in a PR package and love using it at night! It’s thick, but soaks in well, and helps with dryness, too.

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick

Okay, now let’s get into makeup!!! I’m starting with three foundation products I’ve been loving in the past six months or so {btw… I put on this primer before applying any makeup!}. I’ve been alternating between this foundation {in 5.5} and this foundation {in Ecru or Fresco depending on the season} since Taz was born. Both are full-coverage and buildable, although the Estée Lauder one definitely feels more “heavy.” I had several friends rave about applying this product {wearing shade 2} underneath foundation and after primer to create that IG filter look and wow! It truly makes my makeup look photo ready. On lighter makeup days, I’ll just wear it with concealer and sans a true foundation.

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick

I have three concealers I love! The first is Shape Tape, which most bloggers swear by {Also, just realized this isn’t on Sephora’s site, even though they carry Tarte! Not sure why}. It’s great coverage, but I do find it can be drying, especially if you already have dry skin. This concealer {wearing 2N} is also heavy duty and it’s great! I do like to use the same brand foundation + concealer at times, as I feel like colors match the best this way. But this concealer {shade Custard} is SO creamy and buildable. Tip: apply with your fingers to truly activate the product!

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick

This is my favorite setting powder {and something I always stock up on}! Translucent powder is the way to go. This is my favorite bronzer and has been for years. There’s a reason why it’s a fan favorite! My go-to blush is a “blush worthy” name {shade orgasm}, but I’ve also worn it for years. I’ll try something new and ALWAYS come back to it. It’s the prettiest peachy-pink shimmer color. I love this highlight bar, too! The shades are absolutely stunning and give the best glow. This is my very favorite setting spray! It’s sets everything so well for hours and hours and helps my skin feel hydrated.

As for eyes, you all know I wear lash extensions, so I don’t have any amazing mascara recommendations! I’m on week five of a fill {not getting them filled right now due to quarantine}, but I just purchased these magnetic lashes and will let you know what I think! I do love this mascara that was created specifically for bottom lashes! My eye area is about the only area of my face that gets oily and bottom lash mascara would always bleed. I tried this and BOOM! Works SO well. Give it a try if you have a similar problem! I don’t wear eyeliner a ton anymore, but when I do I like to wear it on my waterline. I’ve never found a single product that won’t budget {I’ve tried everything}, but I do love this eyeliner and this eyeliner.

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick

Now onto my favorite lip colors! This is my go-to pink-mauve lip color in shade Pillow Talk: liner + lipstick + lip gloss. As my go-to nude color {courtesy of Emily Gemma} I love this liner {in Iconic Nude} + this lipstick {in Kim KW} + this lipgloss {in Crystalline}. My favorite lip gloss to wear on its own is this in shade White Russian {it’s a plumping lipgloss and the one I’m usually wearing for try-on hauls!} and I also wear the nude lip combo lipgloss alone as well. Matte lipsticks are some of my faves and this red {in beso} and this pink-mauve {in patina} are my go-tos and have been for years {sorry… these aren’t carried at Sephora anymore but I’ll still link!}. Lastly, every single night I love to use this lip mask! I’ve been a fan for years and it truly helps my lips stay hydrated, especially since I live in the dry desert. The same brand also makes lip balms and they are so good, too!

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick

Finally, this is one of my very favorite perfumes! It’s perfect for spring/summer! Light, airy, floral, and feminine. Most Chanel perfumes are way too strong for me, but this one is so beautiful. I bought this big bottle a few years ago and it’s lasted so long!

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick

I just realized I didn’t take any hair product photos, but will still share my faves! I am currently using this shampoo and this conditioner {it’s technically a hair mask, but since I only wash my hair twice a week anyways, I use it as conditioner!}, which are supposed to be great for postpartum hair. I use this primer in my hair after my shower when it’s still wet. On the days I don’t wash my hair, I use this treatment serum on my hair dry. My favorite wand for curling my hair {creates the prettiest waves!} is here. And this is the hair turban I use after I get out of the shower {it replaces a big heavy towel on top of your head and soaks up the water in your hair much better!}.

Hope this was helpful! I get asked questioned so frequently about my skincare/makeup routine, but I’m not really a tutorial type of gal, so these are most of the products I currently use! Enjoy! xx

Here’s what’s in my cart! Trying a ton of new products, mostly skincare:

My Current Favorite Makeup + Beauty Products | sassy red lipstick
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  • Isabelle Marie

    Love this!!! I’ve always wondered what makeup you use… you always looks so natural but dolled up! Cant wait to try some of these.

    April 21, 2020 at 6:51 am Reply

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