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29 Aug

Real Me Collection with Aerie.

i love my body. i love these photos of my body. why? because they’re real. they show my stretch marks and soft tummy and my thick thighs and everything that makes me a real woman. in today’s social media culture that is plastered with impossible images that only get skinnier and smoother with each post, it’s important for us all to remember what real looks like.

i think it’s so sad that pretty much every woman i know {including myself for years and years} has a mental list of things they hate about their body. this list of personal “flaws” they see in the mirror likely have been an insecurity for them since they were a pre-teen and has probably grown over time. this is because society tells us as women that our worth is inseparably attached to our sex appeal and how well we match up with airbrushed magazine covers. this couldn’t be further from the truth.

what’s truly sexy is real. in the words of Kendrick Lamar in HUMBLE.: “show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks!” true beauty in life is not modified and distorted, it is natural and lifelike. i love seeing women who love & accept their body and aren’t afraid to rock their realness.

i love Aerie because of their commitment to celebrating and empowering what’s real. seeing Aerie’s beautiful Real Me Collection on models who are unretouched and natural in their beautiful diverse shapes, sizes, and skin tones is so refreshing. this new Collection truly feels like a second skin and is so comfortable & cute. from the starry details on the hip of the panties to the empowering “tattooed” script on the back of the bras, the Real Me collection is made for strong and confident women everywhere.

remember that you are beautiful and every inch of you should be celebrated because it is real. i’m proud to say i love my body, and i want to help you love yours too! if you’re ever having a down day, message me! i will be your cheerleader. supporting and empowering other women is the only way we are going to get rid of this harmful beauty myth in society and take back what really matters: being real.


Real Me full coverage lightly lined bra in honesty c|o Aerie
Real Me boyfriend brief in chestnut c|o Aerie
distressed open cardigan
Chanel tennis shoes

Real Me bralette in chestnut c|o Aerie
Real Me boyfriend brief in chestnut c|o Aerie
distressed denim jacket
Chanel tennis shoes

Real Me full coverage unlined bra in ballet pink c|o Aerie
Real Me boyfriend brief in ballet pink c|o Aerie
light pink slouchy tee
Chanel tennis shoes

thanks to Aerie for sponsoring this collaboration!

photos by Chantel Marie