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11 Feb

to my love.

we are just days away from Valentine’s Day, which is one of my favorite holidays! i wanted to share a different but special post with you all today all about love. if you follow robbie & i on IG, you’ve probably seen by now all the little ‘love notes’ he leaves me on his own platform. back when we very first started talking & getting to know each other in 2013, robbie wrote me a poem almost every single day for the first month or so. once we were officially dating, he continued to write me love poems throughout the week, on special holidays, and of course the most special of all, on the night he proposed and on our wedding day. it’s no secret that robbie has a God-given talent with words, and i’ve cherished every single little thing he’s ever written for me and about me.

now, i know most people think our marriage is perfect, but it isn’t. we disagree a lot {that happens when you run a business together and spend almost 24/7 together}. we do fight– because i’m very sassy {truly!} and he’s very stubborn. but that’s okay! because even when we don’t agree, we can’t stay mad at each other long and we’ve made forgiveness a huge part of our marriage. so today i wanted to share a little ‘love note’ about the little things, because in my opinion, that’s where it all counts. so without further adieu…

to my love:

i love the way you reach for me every morning when you wake up.
i love that you will put socks on my feet while i work because you know my feet are always cold.
i love that you always put extra extra brown sugar in my oatmeal.
i love that you draw me baths & don’t mind when i need some alone time.
i love how much you love my ‘soft, curvy’ body.
i love that you think my stretch marks are beautiful.
i love that you never complain when i always eat half of whatever you’re eating.
i love that you appreciate relaxing jazz piano & good-smelling candles.
i love that you tell me i’ll be okay every single day whenever i’m stressing.
i love that you do the dishes and fold the laundry without complaining because you know those are chores i hate.
i love that you appreciate a clean house.
i love that you’re a homebody and would rather stay in to watch a movie in bed.
i love that you keep my email inbox in check.
i love that you always dish ice cream and get two spoons for us to share.
i love that you help me to be successful by pushing me out of my comfort zone.
i love your true belly laugh.
i love your joy for life.
i love seeing you play with our nieces & nephews.
i love that you cry during emotional movies/shows.
i love that you always think the best of people.
i love that you clean my shoes: sneakers, heels, boots, any of them!
i love that you make us save money.
i love that creativity is so important to you.
i love that you think i’m the best part of your life.

happy Valentine’s Day, my robbie! love you forever. xx

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photos by Samantha Looney

  • Anna Aiello

    ?????? where is my Robbie?!? Lol that’s totally adorable. And beautiful! I hope You guys keep the forgiveness afloat! So,so,so important. Thank you for sharing!

    February 11, 2018 at 11:26 pm Reply
  • Nikki

    That is so damn sweet!
    Love it! You both are so blessed to have each other.


    February 12, 2018 at 12:16 am Reply
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